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Daniel Horowitz Article Exposing Brad Little

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Daniel Horowitz Article Exposing Brad Little

April 24th, 2021

Daniel Horowitz is a nationally renowned author and writer who hosts the popular Conservative Review podcast and writes for the Blaze.

And yesterday he published an article all about your Tyrant-in-Chief, Brad Little. He perfectly analyzed, critiqued, and commented on Brad Little’s tyranny and the corruption in the Idaho Republican party.

It is an article you don’t want to miss:

Idaho Gov. Brad Little thinks 60 days of dictatorial power are not enough for him

Here’s some highlights:
  • "Who needs Gavin Newsom when you have Brad Little?”
  • “[Governor Little] held a press conference last Friday with four former governors as well as Sen. Jim Risch to explain his veto. This demonstrates that the Republican Party in Idaho has been rotten to the core for years as conservatives have been complacent, not selecting authentic Republicans in the primaries."

But once you’ve read the article, you must ask yourself this question: “Why are so few Idahoans aware of these obvious facts?” What is it about the culture and make-up of Idaho, and the Idaho Republican Party specifically, that is so sick, corrupt, and apathetic that it takes FOREIGNERS to show us what’s really going on in our own backyard?