Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Governor's stay-at-home order unconstitutional?
The Constitutional case against Brad Little is explained here on our website:
The Constitutional Case Against Brad Little's Stay-Home Ordinance
Doesn't the Governor have the power to suspend Constitutional rights in an emergency?
Absolutely not! According to the 9th and 10th amendment, State governments are free to do whatever they want in their state legislatures so long as their laws do not conflict with the Constitution—which will always be regarded as the highest law of the land.

In other words, no local, state, or regional law can ever usurp the Constitution.
How can I learn more about what is really going on?
There are lots of resources available online. We suggest you start by reading the essays published by FreedomMan.org, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and the Gem State Patriot.
Do you believe that the news about COVID-19 is fake?
The following article has a great list of sourced references citing the numerous news stories about COVID-19 that have been proven to be false. Take a look for yourself, and then ask yourself the question: if the narrative about COVID-19 is true, why does the media have to lie about it?

List of Fake News and Propaganda About COVID-19
Do you believe the coronavirus and COVID-19 is a hoax?
Absolutely not. I am 100% confident that the coronavirus is a real virus and that it causes real sickness. In fact, I myself had the sickness as did 2 of my family members. It is real!

But the flu is also real. SARS, MERS, H1N1, dengue, ebola, and AIDS are all also real. As are car accidents, public shootings and other realities of life that can all kill us.

Not one of them is sufficient to take away our liberties.
Do you really believe that the government is abusing its power in the case of COVID-19?
The Constitutional case against the Idaho government, and Governor Brad Little specifically has already been made here on this website.

Additionally, we recognize that governments around the country and world are using this pandemic as an excuse to usurp the rights of the people and expand their power and control.

This page has done a great job of chronicling the abuse of power by governments around the world in the name of COVID-19:

ONGOING LIST: Abuse of Power, Government Overreach, and Unconstitutional Force
But I'm afraid I'm going to get sick and possibly die!
Why? Why are you afraid now if you were not afraid of the Swineflu Pandemic of 2009? Why are you afraid now if you are not afraid of the seasonal flu which kills 30,000 to 80,000 Americans every year?

If you are afraid, it is because you are a gullible victim of main stream media propaganda.