Brad Little is a Sociopath and a Pathological Liar

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Brad Little Vetoes House and Senate Bills Limiting Emergency Powers

April 17th, 2021

Yesterday, Governor Brad Little vetoed bills passed in the Idaho House of Representatives and the Idaho Senate which would have prevented any Idaho Governor from acting unconstitutionally and exercising powers to which he has no right.

Now, these laws would have no need to exist, if our existing government system was honest, fair, just, and impartial with true checks and balances and without the current system of corruption, complacency, and self-protection between the Attorney General, the judicial department, and law enforcement.

In short, we shouldn't need to create new laws in order to maintain or execute existing laws. We shouldn't need a new law to somehow FORCE officials to execute existing ones.

Tell me, should we need local laws to give us the right to keep and bear arms? We shouldn't. Do we need Idaho to pass a law to give Idahoans the right to freely worship God, or is the 1st amendment enough?

So, do we really need NEW LAWS to specify the fact that our Governor cannot break Constitutional law? He's already broken the Constitution repeatedly and will continue to do so as long as the Attorney General, law enforcement, and most importantly, THE PEOPLE of Idaho, let him do so.

So how stupid is this idea? How stupid is it that we need MORE LAWS to emphasize existing law? All it truly shows is that we don't live in a state or nation of law and order. We live in a corrupt oligarchy—where power rests in a small group of tyrants who execute their rule by ordering their subordinate stooges to control the people at their will (and who all do so obediently because their jobs depend on it).

And while I applaud our Legislature's effort to try to reign in the Governor's powers, their efforts were definitely too little, and too late. Our Republican Legislature has once again proven itself to be the most impotent, pathetic, and corrupt Republican legislature in the country. Sure, we have some bright stars, and I respect and admire their efforts and their work, but as a whole, our legislature is a worthless piece of trash.

Likewise, our Governor's most recent declaration where he describes the reason for his vetoes of Senate Bill 1136 and House Bill 135 demonstrate that Brad Little is not only a completely incompetent boob and tyrannical moron, but he is also a textbook sociopath and a pathological liar.

It's a great question to be debated in our Idaho schools: Is Brad Little capable of telling the truth, even if his life depended on it? Or at least they should debate: Does Brad Little have the moral constitution to obey the actual United States Constitution?

The answer is NO in both cases, but the debate is worth having as it will reveal incredible levels and measures of corruption, deceit, and criminality to all who endeavor to to investigate the facts.

Below, with the goal of brevity in mind, I will list exactly how Governor Brad Little's veto explanation/declaration (which you can download here) is complete garbage full of lies and deceit; and, I will demonstrate quite factually how Governor Brad Little is a genuine sociopath and a pathological liar. But first, let us define those terms:
sociopath n. "A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme attitudes and behavior contrary to the laws and customs of society, and a lack of conscience." (Oxford Dictionary)
pathological liar n. "A person with the mental disorder known as also mythomania, in which the person habitually or compulsively lies." (Wikipedia)

A Quick Analysis on Brad Little's Veto Declaration:

All 3 sentences in the very first paragraph of Brad Little's explanation letter are full of lies and deceit. Every one of them. This is a textbook example of pathological lying. Brad Little simply can't tell the truth. And his lies are consistent with that of a sociopath—someone who whose attitudes and behavior are contrary to the laws and customs of Idaho specifically, and the United States at large, and who demonstrates a total lack of conscience or morality. Consider for yourself his first 3 sentences:

"I cannot in good conscience approve any bill that will impair the ability of the Governor to protect Idaho and its people in future emergencies."
This statement is pure deception. He is inferring that Senate Bill 1136a somehow impairs the ability of the Governor to protect Idaho citizens—and that is a complete lie. It does nothing of the sort. Read the bill yourself (download it here) and explain how it prevents the Governor from "protecting" Idaho in the event of a true emergency.

"Nor can I sign any bill that violates our constitutional commitment to the separation of powers."
Not only is this a total lie, but it is pure hypocrisy. Only a true sociopath with a certifiable mental disorder could make such a claim in public. Not only does Senate Bill 1136a NOT violate the separation of powers, but the entire PURPOSE of the bill is to PREVENT the Governor from violating the principle of separation of powers—by acting like a monarch, a king, or a tyrannical despot who controls all power by himself.

And this is exactly what Brad Little has been doing since March of 2020, when he declared the first state of emergency in Idaho, and which he has used to give himself powers that are unconstitutional, both by the Idaho State Constitution and the United States Constitution. I have already detailed 8 constitutional laws that Governor Brad Little violated here.

Additionally however, by using these emergency declarations, he has been able to accept over $10 billion in funds from the federal government to which he has given himself and his cronies the sole power to oversee. The "power of the purse," or the power to disburse funds is the sole power of the legislative branch. And the Governor's emergency powers are limited to 60 days according to Idaho State Law (Idaho § 46-1008), yet the Governor has violated these limitations and has broken US Law and Idaho State Law and nobody has held him accountable for it. Nobody.

The legislature is simply trying to CREATE MORE LAW to further specify the Governor's limitations which he has already broken, and he is falsely claiming that the legislature is violating the principle of separation of powers, when the clear and definitive facts of an entire year of despotism and law-breaking on the part of the Governor show that he has been the one who has violated separation of powers. This is not an opinion—these are simple facts that even a child can see.

This type of hypocritical claim told as a total deception and an inversion of reality is a textbook example of the behavior of a sociopath.

"Like you, I swore an oath to faithfully discharge my duties and to uphold our Constitution."
This is just sickening. Again, on this page here, we have already demonstrated how Brad Little violated the Constitution and supported the Constitution by Idaho authorities in 8 different ways. But more specifically, Brad Little:
  • Violated the 1st amendment by signing an executive order preventing religious gatherings and peaceful assemblies;
  • Instituted contact tracing which violates the 4th amendment's preventions against unreasonable search and seizures;
  • Violated the 5th amendment which demands due process of law before our rights are deprived;
  • Violated the 14th amendment which prevents the government from classifying one group of people from another group of people in a way that gives privileges to some while preventing others from the same. Brad Little did this very thing by classifying some workers and businesses as "essential" and others as "non-essential" in his emergency orders.

So Brad Little is openly confessing that he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet he has violated it repeatedly over the last year and has no problem publicly claiming that he must "uphold the Constitution," all the while the whole world can plainly see the evidence that he has not done so. Only a true sociopath could tell such lies without feeling moral compunction.

In only his first three sentences Brad Little has shown the complete inability to tell the truth. Plainly stated, Brad Little is a sociopath and a pathological liar.

I could go through his entire statement, sentence by sentence and phrase by phrase and demonstrate with facts, Brad Little's continual and never-ending lies and deceit. But it would simply be too long an article. Download his declaration and read it for yourself.

He tries to make the case that the laws being passed in both the Senate and the House somehow will prevent the Governor from protecting the citizens of Idaho, but they do no such thing. Again, stop believing rhetoric and read the bills for yourself. The only thing the bills actually do is limit the Governor's emergency power declarations to 60 days. In order for an emergency declaration to last longer than that, it essentially needs approval from the legislature. That is more than reasonable, and it is actually what our current state law dictates! Yes, it's true. Idaho State Statute § 46-1008 specifically states the following:

"…The state of disaster emergency shall continue until the governor finds that the threat or danger has passed, or the disaster has been dealt with to the extent that emergency conditions no longer exist, and when either or both of these events occur, the governor shall terminate the state of disaster emergency by executive order or proclamation; provided, however, that no state of disaster emergency may continue for longer than thirty (30) days unless the governor finds that it should be continued for another thirty (30) days or any part thereof. The legislature by concurrent resolution may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time."

But because of fantastical methods of interpretation, cowardice on the part of our legislature, and corruption between the Attorney General (Lawrence Wasden) and the Governor's office, nothing has been done about it.

Yes, our current Idaho state law in plainly limits the Governor's ability to declare a state of emergency to a total of 60 days. But Brad Little has maintained this state of emergency for over an entire year! All on false premises and all for his own power, money, and control.

He has done so by simply calling his emergency declaration a "rolling declaration," meaning that he is saying that he is renewing the 60 day declaration every 60 days giving him unlimited king-like power indefinitely.

And again, nobody has done anything to stop him. Our Legislature has used excuse after excuse to do nothing about it, and after an entire year of pretending they are angry and acting like they cared, they finally passed these laws to further define what our laws already state. And the Governor has just vetoed them.

Undoubtedly, the Legislature, if they fail to pass these laws with a supermajority (which they will), will simply claim that they could not get the support necessary to override the Governor's veto so they simply are powerless to stop the Governor's tyranny. How's that for separation of powers, eh? When one branch of the government can have limitless king-like power and the other branches of government can't stop it?

Much more could be said about what is really going on behind the scenes, but for now, suffice it all to be mean this in summary:

1. Brad Little's original emergency orders were false and illegal in the first place because his declarations never met the established criteria for a true "threat" or "emergency" when they were declared.

2. Brad Little has violated Idaho State Law and the United States Constitution on multiple levels and has maintained universal power over Idaho, violating the principle of separation of powers by usurping his authority over the other branches of government.

3. Brad Little is now lying (again) and claiming that the Idaho Legislature is trying to violate the principle of separation of powers.

4. Brad Little's veto and the support that he has received from former Governor's only demonstrates that Idaho is not a Republic, but an oligarchy, where the power of the state rests in a small group of lawless individuals who have no respect for true law and order.

5. Unquestionably, Governor Brad Little is a criminal who is a sociopath and a pathological liar. In a true society of Law and Order, Brad Little would have been thrown in prison already and still deserves to be there.


Brad Little's Veto Declaration

Text of Senate Bill 1136

Text of House Bill 135